Damilola: Death of a 10-year-old

Damilola: Death of a 10-year-old

We take an in-depth look at the tragic murder of Damilola Taylor and how his case finally was brought to justice.

Former Met Police Officer and TV Presenter, Rav Wilding, re-traces the story of Damilola Taylor, the young boy who bled to death in a stairwell on a South London estate. At the time Rav was a police officer and working on the investigation into Damilola’s killing and it remains his most vivid memory of his time with the Met.

Now, ten years on Rav wants to re-visit this tragic story and ask what lessons have we learned from the investigation and subsequent trials. We look at the importance of the legacy the death of Damilola and the anti-knife crime movement in which Richard Taylor has played a lead role.

These interviews are emotional, frank and revealing. Former detective and child murder expert Mark William-Thomas will talk Rav through the technical aspects of the investigation and court cases reflecting on the lessons learned by the police.

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