Frankie Fraser's Last Stand

When to Watch

Friday 28th November 9pm

Frankie Fraser's Last Stand

In this revelatory one-off, we discover the truth about the man behind the legend that is ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser. Notorious for his gangland days throughout the 20th Century – he’s managed to outlive them all. Exclusive interviews combined with period recon and archive tells the story of the last old school gangsters. As he approaches his 89th birthday it’s time to separate fact from fiction and get to the real story… How many people has he actually murdered? Did he really tear off a prison officer’s ear using just his teeth? Is he really a master dentist? In this documentary we forget the celebrity myth and find out who this man really is. We strip away the well rehearsed storytelling patter and re-trace his life from his wayward childhood in the 30s, to the ‘smash and grab’ war years, to his time spent with the powerful Soho gangster Billy Hill, to his work with the Richardson Gang… and that’s not to mention the Krays, the Great Train Robbers and the numerous prison riots over the years. How did he become such an icon of criminality? Following the Frankie Fraser story is akin to re-tracing the history of gangland London throughout the 20th Century. He’s been part of the most famous criminal gangs of the past 100 years while maintaining his South London roots and deep devotion to his family.

Where to Watch

Sky: 553 & 554 (+1)

Virgin Media: 275

BT: 328

TalkTalk: 328

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