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Knives & Lies

On December 30, 1993, 14-year-old Christopher Mosier’s mother arrives to their Salt Lake City, UT home and discovers he’s been stabbed to death.

At first glance, all signs point to a robbery. But the fact that Christopher was stabbed 21 times makes detectives dig deeper. Was this a robbery gone wrong, or was the motive behind his slaying a more personal one?

Everyone from school gang members to his mother’s boyfriend is questioned, but traces of blood on a blanket will lead investigators to the unlikely person that killed the kind-hearted teenager.

New Year’s Evil

On December 31, 2013, as the world prepares to ring in the New Year, a group of friends in Lancaster County, PA is concerned. Twenty-three year old Ashley Kline has not been seen or heard from for hours.

Days pass, and search after search yield nothing, until finally, on January 12th, the charred remains of Ashley are discovered in a remote wildlife preserve.

As a community mourns, investigators begin the arduous task of narrowing in on her killer. Did her on-again, off-again boyfriend kill the friendly girl in a jealous rage? Or did she fall victim to one of her social media friends with a violent past?

When surveillance footage is discovered, it leads detectives to the surprising truth about who killed the beloved young woman.

Ashes to Ashes

On the afternoon of May 26th, 1980, just days after Mount Saint Helen spreads its ash over tiny Ocean Shores, WA, eight-year old Kristine Zimmerman goes out to visit a friend. She never makes it to her destination.

The close-knit community quickly organizes a search effort; within days, the search party grows to include hundreds of people. Finally, four days after she disappeared, Kristine’s strangled body is found on a remote logging road two miles northwest of town.

Detectives sort through dozens of witness statements and leads. Some implicate Kristine’s stepfather; others indicate a town loner with a lecherous penchant for children is responsible. 

When investigators receive a shocking revelation from a local witness, they soon discover who abducted and killed Kristine Zimmerman.

Drive with Danger

On November 18, 1983, Janean Brown, a 19-year old nurses’ aide, goes missing from her Whitehouse, OH apartment. After a day of frantic searching by friends and family, she’s found naked and buried in a shallow grave in the woods near town.

Investigators focus their attention on the friends she spent time with at a local pub the night she was killed until they hear about one of her patients with an obsession for young Janean.

It takes three decades of untiring investigation to finally bring Janean’s killer to justice.

Housebound Homicide

Thirty-six year old Renee Ealy’s is an easy target. Her chronic pain and recent surgeries have kept her confined to her Denver, CO apartment. On June, 23, 2000, she’s found murdered and her life savings hidden under the bed stolen.

The excessive violence has police wondering if this isn’t more than a robbery gone wrong. It seems personal.

Investigators focus on Renee’s friends and neighbors, looking for someone with a grudge. It takes 10 years for them to discover the surprising truth about who killed Renee.    

Vicious Voyeur

May 19, 2002. While her two roommates were away, 23-year old Stephanie Bennett was raped and strangled to death in her Raleigh, NC apartment.

Police discover that a few trivial items like a laundry basket and a boom box have been taken, suggesting the killer took trophies after the homicide. Reports of a Peeping Tom in the area have police staking out the apartment complex waiting for him to reveal himself.

It’s a long, frustrating time before they capture the evidence that reveals the killer’s identity and his most unusual and sadistic personality.

Last Curtain Call

Former Hollywood actor Jimmie Fererra was gunned down in his home in Yuma, AZ on the night of September 29, 1985. 

Jimmie’s most famous line, “Dead men tell no tales,” rings true as police search for his killer among his friends, business associates and his wife. There’s nothing to link any of them until, 21 years later, the killer brags about his deed and the tale is told. 

Silent Night

On December 25, 2012, the Christmas calm in Portland, OR is broken by a grisly discovery. Thirty-three-year-old Jaime Lyn Larson is found sexually assaulted and murdered in her apartment.

As investigators learn more about the bubbly young woman’s life, the men in her life begin to emerge as strong suspects. Did her boyfriend’s explosive personality send him over the edge, or did a friend with a secret longing for her affection decide that if he couldn’t have her, no one could?

A striking coincidence leads detectives on the path to finding out the terrifying truth about the vicious killer who took Jaime’s life on Christmas Day. 

Murder Down Memory Lane

When a 5-year old girl tells police that a “ninja” came in and shot and stabbed her mother, 50-year old Darlene Saddler, investigators aren’t so sure they can believe her.

Months of investigation, including hundreds of forensic tests and the questioning of Darlene’s family and friends, reveals the truth about the child's description as police put the surprising killer behind bars.   

End Of The Line

College freshman, 18-year old Stephanie Hummer, was on a full scholarship to Ohio State University, enjoying all college life had to offer. Then on March 6th, 1994, she goes missing, only to be found a day later naked and lifeless in a field.

A freshman homicide detective works the case, rejecting assumptions about the victim and tracks down the most unlikely of killers.        

Kill Now, Pay Later

Thirty-two year old Howard Witkin is the last person anyone would expect to be the target of a contract killing. But on March 21,1980, someone fires a rifle 7 times through the front door of his Santa Clara, CA house, killing the businessman and father of three.

Police soon discover Witkin has a secret life that leads to suspects among his family and friends, living nearby and across the country. 

When investigators finally hunt down the killer, they realize his arrest is just the beginning of the story. 

Cold Fusion

The controversial science of cold fusion had no better advocate than 56-year old Eugene Mallove. So when the M.I.T.  and Harvard graduate ends up beaten to death, suspicion immediately falls on those in the business community threatened by this new technology.

Norwich, CT and State Police follow every lead, interrogating everyone from the elite of corporate board rooms to drug-addled burglars to find Mallove’s killer. It takes 6 years to discover who wanted the brilliant scientist dead. 

Final Lesson

Art teacher and Navy veteran, Sasha Merman was living the dream in Santa Monica, CA, until, on March 18, 2008, he was stabbed to death in his condo.

With no obvious enemies to speak of and only a jumble of papers spread out around his home to go on, police spend years tracking down old girlfriends, former colleagues and financial planners to finally determine who killed Sasha.  

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